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43 Annual ALPFA Convention Update Information

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Announcing our 43rd Annual Convention Aug 6-10, 2015 in New York!

With close to 3,000 attendees, our convention represents the largest, most impressive gathering of Latino professionals and students coming together to learn, network, mentor and develop as leaders.

Learn more here:

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ALPFA – Empowering Latino Leaders

At ALPFA, Inc., the Association of Latino Professionals For America, we work to empower and develop Latino men and women as leaders of character for the nation in every sector of the global economy. We are the longest standing Latino professional association with 23,000+ members represented in more than 40 professional and more than 135 student chapters across America. Our Vision is to be the premier business organization for expanding opportunities for Latino leadership in the global market.

Shared Values

• Professional Growth • Integrity • Culture
• Relationship Building • Service • Inclusiveness • Teamwork


Today, ALPFA is well-positioned to assist Fortune 500 companies to recruit, retain and
develop professional Latino/Hispanic talent in every sector of the U.S. and global economy.

  • Maintaining a presence with both student and professional chapters across the nation
  • Leveraging over 23,000 members nationally
  • Hosting over 400 total combined annual events across chapters nationally.

We value corporate partners that share our vision and mission by supporting our programs, hiring our members, giving back to our communities and purchasing goods and services from Latino owned businesses.

By partnering with ALPFA, sponsors showcase their commitment to diversity, promote company products and services, recruit new hires, and provide scholarship opportunities to Latino students from diverse fields.

In turn, corporate sponsors are given premier events and venues to showcase their commitment to the organization and reach a viable and important segment of the growing Latino market.

ALPFA’s success has attracted partners from every sector of the economy that share our vision and commitment to Latino empowerment and development.

Core Competencies

Distinctive behaviors that provide solutions for corporate partners

Recruitment and Retention

Encourage and assist Latinos to pursue professional careers in business and entrepreneurial pursuits.


Provide career, networking, scholarship and business expansion opportunities for Latino students, professionals and companies.


Provide customized professional and personal development to enhance Latino leadership in the global workforce.


Create a culture that supports visionary management and a desire for consistency throughout the organization.

Guiding Principles

  • We share a passionate commitment to increase opportunities for Latinos
  • We commit ourselves to honesty, integrity, and the highest professional and ethical standards
  • We are dedicated to the professional and personal growth of our members
  • We cultivate initiative and leadership within a spirit of teamwork
  • We believe in the power of networking – to create value for all our members and stakeholders
  • We nurture an environment that thrives on mentoring relationships
  • We value promotion and preservation of our bicultural heritage and bilingual skills
  • We promote a culture of philanthropy and welcome partners who practice it
  • We welcome the involvement of all who share our mission, vision, values and principles

Adding Value

Professional development and career-building opportunities are the focus of ALPFA
activities for Latino professionals.

ALPFA attracts professionals that are dynamic, successful and have a commitment to our mission. The level of energy and enthusiasm you will find at ALPFA events is both motivating and inspiring. With chapters across the U.S., ALPFA is an organization that continues to grow and prosper.

  • Serve on Local/National Boards and Committees
  • Leadership Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Team Building
  • Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Mentoring
  • Access to Business Leaders Opportunities
  • Local Chapter Networking Events, Receptions and Programs
  • Access to Online Career Center
  • ALPFA Annual Convention
  • Recruitment Opportunities for Employers
  • Subscription to our IMPACT Newsletter
  • One-year Digital Subscription to Hispanic Business magazine and DiversityInc.
  • Continuing Professional Education Courses (CPE)
  • Scholarships and Mentorships

Join and Engage with us on LinkedIn at


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